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Alvin Li-Shen Chua
Memorial Scholarship

Supporting education in physics and artificial intelligence at Imperial College, London
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​Thanks to our donors we are funding two scholarships which were awarded in September 2022.
The fund is now open to receive donations for September 2023.

Welcome from Joe

Thanks for visiting Alvin's scholarship site. During 2019 Alvin and I were making plans to establish
a scholarship at Imperial College by tithing our salaries to support a postgraduate student
in physics and artificial intelligence. I decided to continue with the plan and now together with
family, friends and colleagues we remember and honour Alvin through the scholarship.

Alvin's bench at Imperial College

Alvin was very proud of his alma mater. After he was taken from us by Covid on 3 April 2020, I began visiting the college regularly, especially the places where we used to go together.

The Queen's Tower lawn, at the centre of Imperial's campus, is a friendly, peaceful social space with the Central Library to one side. I can see him coming and going, in and out of the library at all hours of the day and night. There are benches all around so I bought one and had it inscribed in his memory. Now we can sit with him in a space I know he loved.

Alvin's bench was placed on the lawn on 26 March 2021, just ahead of his first anniversary. On Saturday 3 April, with some of his friends and colleagues, I sat with him and remembered our beautiful, wonderful, amazing Alvin.
The bench has three inscriptions:

  • Alvin's name and important dates
  • a quotation from Hermann Hesse:"If I know love, it is because of you." ~ Forever in our hearts
  • a famous Bertrand Russell quotation:"Mathematics rightly viewed possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty", something I know inspired Alvin.
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